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Over the past few weeks, several people have asked me for directions to the Williams Grove Flea Markets. So rather than answer every email, I thought I would post the directions here.

General Directions

Cross the river on Interstate 83 South and stay to the left so that when 83 South and route 581 West split, you can stay on 581. Once the two roads split, go about 2 miles and exit on Route 15 South. Make sure you slow down becuase there is lots of construction. Take 15 South for about 3 or 4 miles to the Lisburn Road Exit. Get off and make a right at the bottom of the ramp. You will come to a signal light almost right away. Make a left at that light. Go about 1/2 mile and you will come to a stop sign and a sign for Aschcombes. Make a right at that stop sign and follow the road around until you pass Aschcombes and come to a stop sign. Continue below depending on which flea market you want to go to.

For the Top Flea Market

Make a left at the stop sign and go about 1/4 mile. You will cross a brand new bridge. You’ll see a huge sign for the flea market on your right. Once you get onto the driveway there are signs telling you which way to go if you’re a customer or a vendor.

For the Bottom Flea Market

Make a right at the stop sign just past Aschcombes. Go about 1/4 mile and turn left at the sign for Williams Grove Speedway (I think the road is called Park Place). Go another 1/4 mile and the parking lot is on the right. I believe that vendors can drive their vehicles into the park to unload.

If you’re coming from the west, from Interstate 81, take the exit for route 581 East. Get off at route 15 South and follow the same directions.

If you’re coming from either direction on the turnpike, take exit 236 and follow route 15 South to the Lisburn Road Exit and follow the above directions from there.

If you’re coming from Gettysburg, take Route 15 North through Dillsburg and turn left on route 74. Go about a mile and turn right on Dogwood Run. The entrance to the upper flea market will be on your left in about half a mile. For the lower flea market go another 1/2 mile or so and turn left on Park Place. The parking lot will be on your right.

I hope these directions are helpful. Have fun at the flea market and happy hunting.

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williams-grove-flea-market-3Are you one of the many people in Central Pennsylvania who misses the Silver Spring Flea Market? Were you as disappointed as I was when the racetrack and flea market were turned into Wegmans and Target stores? If you were, you’ll be happy to know that the flea market is back and better than ever at Williams Grove Speedway. Every Sunday at 6:00 am, hundreds of vendors open their booths and offer everything you could imagine in new and used merchandise.

Yes I Really Said Deep Fried Pickles

Yes I Really Said Deep Fried Pickles

The flea market is actually two flea markets in one. The Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association has been hosting a Sunday morning flea market since April, 2007. The flea market consists of four rows of vendors selling everything from musical instruments to deep fried pickles (yes, I said deep fried pickles). Today I bought a like new heating and massage cushion for $5.00, 50 disposable lighters for $7.00 and four fresh cucumbers for $2.00. I passed on the deep fried pickles but someday… Vendor spaces are available for as little as $12.00 for a 15 x 30 foot space and $15.00 for a corner space.

Musical Instruments at the Flea Market

Musical Instruments at the Flea Market

The Park Market, located in the old Williams Grove amusement park is the rebirth of the Silver Spring Flea Market. The flea market winds around and through the old amusement rides and many of the buildings that used to serve as concession stands are now being used by the larger vendors who used to be indoors at Silver Spring. I’ve purchased everything from baseball cards to antique glassware to leather belts to fresh produce at The Park Market. During the spring and summer, The Park Market also features plants and flowers for your gardening needs and It seems like every time we go, there is more to see and more to buy. You could easily go to The Park Market every Sunday and find something different to bring home.  15 x 25 foot vendor spaces in The Park Market are only $10.00.

Whether you’re buying or selling, the flea markets at Williams Grove Speedway are for you.  I may even bring some of my picnic baskets or barbecue tool sets and set up a booth there soon. In any event the flea markets are a great walk in the park and offer everyone the chance to find a treasure!

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